Spill Response Trailer

Product Description

  • 7' wide by 14' long enclosed, bumper pull, dual axle, spill response trailer
  • The spill response trailer will also include:
       Equipment hooks
       Side door
       Ramp rear door
       Spare tire
       Trailer hitch ball and insert
  • The spill response trailer comes fully stocked with the following standard materials:
       (6) pair of leather gloves
       (8) bags of sphag sorb
       (7) bales of hydrocarbon pads
       (3) bales of universal pads
       (7) bales of 5" x 10' hydrocarbon booms (4 booms per bale)
       (2) pair of chest waders
       (2) pair rubber boots
       (1) case of tyvek coveralls
       (2) rakes
       (2) shovels
       (1) scoop
       (1) spark resistant scoop
       (6) pair of rubber gloves
       (2) push brooms w/ stiff bristles for rough surfaces
       (2) squeegees
       (4) pair safety glasses
       (2) flashlights
       (1) 200' rope
       (1) roll of 6-mil drum liners
       (2) rolls of duct tape
       (2) open top steel 55-gallon drums
       (2) 5-gallon buckets EnviroClean (surface washing agent)

Product Advantages & Benefits

  • Enables a quick response by responder to an emergency spill situation
  • Easy mobility of tools, supplies, and materials needed for an emergency

Application and Uses

  • Used in support of spill cleanup and HAZMAT emergency response situations primarily for the transportation and oil and gas industries
  • Contents may be modified for other industries