Paraffin Control

Problem Overview for Paraffin in the Oil & Gas Industry

Paraffin problems can significantly affect well/lease profitability, causing troublesome operational issues, damaging formations and decreasing production. Understanding the nature of paraffin, the conditions that lead to it becoming a problem, and identifying solutions for controlling it are important. Controlling paraffin problems requires one to understand the conditions that lead to deposition and when total costs of not treating are considered, chemical solutions such as Paraffin Control are easy to use and economically attractive.

Product Description of Paraffin Control

  • A water based, biodegradable, concentrate product that does not contain builders, caustic, petroleum distillate, d-Limonene or hazardous chemicals
  • Non-flammable and safe to use
  • A formulation of non-ionic surfactants and treatment agents blended and balanced to be specifically effective on paraffin and paraffinic sludges in downhole and above ground applications
  • A concentrated formula designed for versatile and economical application at light concentration working dilutions utilizing produced water or KCl water

Product Advantages and Benefits

  • Affordability
       Less expensive than hot oiling
       Fast return on investment
  • Simple to use
  • Extremely effective in eliminating permeability barriers, caused by hot oiling, often resulting in production increases
  • Does not allow the paraffin to plate out onto the production or distribution equipment
  • Continued use is effective in eliminating tank bottoms and high water cut

Application and Uses

  • Reducing or even eliminating hot oil treatments
  • Production enhancement
  • Reduction of BS&W in tanks
  • Chemical pigging for pipelines
  • Flowline maintenance


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Technical Data Sheet

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Application Guide

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Paraffin Control Forms

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Case Studies

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